What separates Genius Content Strategists from the Average?

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What separates Genius from Average in today’s top content marketing strategies?

By Genius I mean a company or person who uses resources (social media, video and data) in connection with traditional marketing tactics. By Average, I mean someone who is driving normal results.

What might amazing content strategists know that you don’t?

More importantly: What can we learn and gain from them in order to skill transfer like results into your own company?

Netjumps Intl. and the Sheldon Michael’s team wanted to form that study about content strategists. We grabbed our Monster Energy Drinks and our MacBooks and hit the road to know-where when we released our fifth annual study, “B2B Content Digital Marketing: 2015 Growth and awareness conference—North America,” Focusing on more than 250 companies in 109 countries. Here is what we stumbled upon.

Genius content strategists have a specific strategy and militantly stay their course. A meager 35% of content creationists actually have a documented strategy according to our study. Sixty percent of those who have a documented strategy rate themselves as having scalable models, compared to those who have no strategy that is documented.

Lesson Learned: Clearly define a content strategy for your team, document it and use it as a reference. Start by using it as a questionnaire doc about your company: Who’s your audience? What value can you provide? What delivery options do you have? What management positions do you have in place? How do you record results and how do you refine those results to scale?

Genius content strategists have a dedicated team. We found that less than 50% have a dedicated team full time. However the 70% that were successful in this space had a full time team of 5 or more employees.

Lesson Learned: Empower a full time content marketing team (If your a small firm one dedicated employee will suit just fine) that’s main priority and central focus is strictly wired around your content marketing program.

Genius content strategists use a plethora of skill sets and social media products.The most successful firms don’t rely on just one or two techniques to reach and engage their audiences. On the contrary effective ones use an average of 20 or more skills and tactics and at least 7 social platforms.

Tactics for Business to business content strategies include but are not limited to live events, webinars or visual casts, videos, blogs, white papers, case studies or e-books, research reports, e-newsletters and landing pages and microsites. We found the successful social syndications to be (in descending order) LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and SlideShare.

Lesson Learned: Generate content that has variety in its broadest sense—Try to stray away from blog posts  and or case studies that have been used over and over again. Use a diverse social media plan so that you cater to all end users.

Genius strategists focus on fresh ideas. The most effective digital marketers publish fresh and new content daily, or at least several times per week.

Lesson learned: Use and master the use of an editorial calendar. Have a master plan. Knowing who, what, when, and why 6 months in advance does not hurt it helps.

Genius content strategists spend more money. This puts the ah in Ball-ah: More money= more content more content=marketing. The most effective marketers invest 40% of their budgets into content strategies.

Lesson learned: Find more money get more gains. The principle of investment ask Donald Trump.

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