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Best Practices Video Series

The data generated by deep seeded enterprise level tracking will give your rehab facility the tools it needs to scale.

Using quantitative analysis will clarify what marketing strategies work best. Implementing SalesForce, Call Tracking Metrics and Google Analytics will allow the treatment center to study what CTA media works, identify any kinks in the sales funnel and give true concise data that will make clear what content increases admits.

Social Media is a very powerful tool that can be used to increase the reach of drug rehab centers.

Many times addicts do not know where to turn for help. Engaging potential clients through social media creates a rapport with the client. When trust is established addicts are more apt to seek help, and seek help from their trusted source.

Drug Rehabs exist in an enterprise level space where competition is intense.

Netjumps International can show treatment facilities how to decrease overhead and increase efficiency and effectiveness of their client intake. The key is clearly defining the roles of treatment facility employees involved in the intake process.

The first question a treatment center needs to address when creating digital assets is ‘who is my end user’?

At Netjumps we have found that if a websites design is a marriage between optimized User Interaction and SEO principals, the site will rank quickly and eventually warrant a first page ranking.

For a successful conversion the user has to be motivated to do so.

A robust brand in built with application of multiple disciplines including anthropology, sociology and neuroscience. When the audience is understood multiple touch points can be created that motivate conversion by displaying services where the user lives, works and plays.