Competition for Google search result positioning is at an all time high in all industries with the exception of Jewelry. PPC and Retargeting adds make it possible and impossible to get in front of MILLIONS of daily searchers. Average click costs are up 997% from last year. How is it that ad managers in digital firms can stay competitive in the treatment center marketing space, let alone a small alcohol detox in Prescott AZ? Netjumps possesses this knowledge.

Netjumps INTL has been running AdWords campaigns before it was commonly known as ‘AdWords’. In the year 2000 you use to be able to purchase and own a phrase for X amount of dollars. In 2001 after multiple issues as well as fraudulent scams occurred GOOGLE launched ADWORDS a more effective bidding marketplace. Google AdWords launched in 2000 with 350 advertisers. Today, more than $10B is generated for the company by more than 1 million advertisers.

In 2006 the cost per click for the term Alcohol Detox was less than $1. Today  CPC can be as high as $147 dollars depending what demographic you are positioning your ad for. Without a full time micromanaging of each ad and the entire campaign itself a business can loose 100s if not 100,000 dollars a day. In the facilities we have polled they will say they do not run AdWords as they feel it is a waste of money. At Netjumps we breakdown ROI to the granular level and look for the patterns that lead to success.

Negative keyword lists will make or break a campaign.
Are you sure you are using the right ones?

Treatment Center Marketing

Sheldon Michael | Founder Netjumps

Are you performing deep seeded keyword research? What is your keyword strategy? Running your adwords to your Branded Main Website? If so you could be loosing admissions by over 52%.

Lost Revenue

We beta tested this last year and found a 200% spike off the same campaign. We did this by just building Ad specific lead generation sites specifically designed for the end user of each campaign.

We are running treatment center marketing accounts that range from 10k per month to 1m a month.

Trust us we have the experience of running Google Adwords campaigns since its inception.

It took us 6 years to find 6 suitable specialists to partner with.

We live in this space let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Treatment Center Marketing


The most successful treatment center marketing campaigns utilize 5-10 successful LEAD GENERATION sites? How many do you have?

BRANDED ads volume is very limited.

Oddly enough, when you are dealing with ADWORDS  as you increase the volume your spend actually increases. Case in point, some of our clients need100 calls a month from ADWORDS or beds filled. This type of campaign is very simple and can be ran with just BRANDED ADDS and very little retargeting. Their CPA could easily be reached at the $750 range.

Some of our clients need ADWORDS to account for 75 beds. To get that kind of volume BRANDED and UNBRANDED ADDS need to be produced. To achieve this we recommend the client aim for a higher BLENDED CPA level and FINDING the calls. This is opposed to sending out a small targeted net they need to send out a huge drag net.

Netjumps INTL has an treatment center marketing account that they have been managing for 2 years now that produces calls at $31-41. We see consistent admissions for the same client in the $3100-4700 dollar range, sound like a lot? Its not, especially considering that we are speaking about UNBRANDED ADS.
The key is targeting.

Adding video ads on desktop, tablets and smartphones to your TV campaigns can raise brand recall by up to 24%.
-Google/Nielsen 2015
Did you know Dynamic Number Insertion will decrease your conversion rate by 12-27%?
Ask us, we’d be happy to share how to make sure your conversion rate reamins unaffected.
Spending on desktop online video alone is projected to grow 21% every year until 2019.
-Google Experienced Advertiser
Display Network can be a valuable branding partner: it reaches 83% of unique Internet users around the world.
-DoubleClick Ad Planner
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