The Truth About the Competition In Online Drug and Alcohol Treatment Digital Marketing

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In the Internet driven age we live in, it can be difficult to know how to go about being noticed on the web. Every drug and alcohol treatment facility desires to rank on page one on the top search engines; however, for this to be a reality, it would have to be an endless page that no one would care to thumb all the way through. Every treatment center wants to use the best and most used keywords such as “drug rehab” or “addiction help” making the words abused. As a result, the market is inevitably overwhelmingly competitive.

This poses a quandary for many treatment centers, causing them to take aggressive, and frequently costly, measures to enhance their online presence. More often treatment centers are expanding their marketing budgets to include more spending for search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, banner ads, content network ads, and other online marketing strategies.

Even with the increase in budget, the results are not always satisfactory. When this is the case, treatment centers and their marketing departments are left to re strategize and decipher what is working and what is not. By assessing the success of their efforts, they can determine the strategies that are most effective in marketing their particular treatment center online.

What is Wrong With Using The Most Popular Keywords

As mentioned before, everyone knows there are some certain specific typical keyword phrases that potential patients and their concerned loved ones use while searching for a drug and alcohol treatment facility. The problem is that there is an excessive amount of treatment facilities already grabbing on tight to these keywords, thus, generating an impossible amount of competition. Ironically, most of the top results that link at the top of the search results for these terms are not even licensed treatment facilities; therefore, it is not always a good thing to be related so closely near these others because it could attract some potentially unqualified traffic.

The Common Mistake That Many Treatment Facilities Make With Pay-Per-Click Ads and Sponsored Links

It is very common for a treatment center to pay for links or ads to show up above or beneath organic results on major search engine results pages. The concept behind this is smart. The downfall is that these campaigns are often very costly without much effect to show for. Sponsored links even for the most competitive keywords historically have proven to produce horribly high bounce rates.

So, What Strategy Does Work?

Competing for the top keyword phrases is not the answer, and can lead to a huge waste of money. If you still want to go with keywords, try specializing yours to your niche. Otherwise, you will find your facility lost in a sea of big players.

A more effective approach is to center your attention on raising your online exposure over time with a reputable, professional, highly-functional website which is rich in high quality, optimized, geo-targeted content that is informative to site visitors. In addition, these efforts can become even more effective when paired with strong link-building strategies and campaigns, selective, targeted advertising, and even more so when the results are carefully monitored.

Separate Yourself From Your Competitors

Everyone is always looking for new ways to stand out from their competitors. Net Jumps can really help make that difference. We have industry experts who have experience conquering the challenges of the rehab market, can raise your online exposure which is needed to generate more site traffic, which will ultimately result in getting you more heads in your beds.

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