Social Media For B2B Is Simple.

You shoot out a couple Meme’s (element to raise a cultural awareness like a crafty quote on an image), shoot out a couple shareable posts, maybe harness a few likes, and call it a day.
However social media from a B2C standpoint is much more difficult.

There are multiple companies that say they can provide social media marketing for any type of business. These companies may or may not do a good job. A company that says they can provide social media marketing specific to the drug rehabilitation space? That is a completely different conversation.


Do you see admits from your social media efforts directly? Do you agree that social media in the drug rehab space is effective? Would you be surprised to know that social media typically makes up 10-25% of our facilities census? How is that possible you may ask! INTERVENTIONS! Plain and simple.


We effectively produce admissions through all social outlets. We build the assets so that your company can say they own social media assets. Your company can say feel empowered and possess technology, becoming a self sufficient, a smart company that does not need to buy leads or pay for referrals.


What is Needed to be Successful on Social Media
A deep understanding of Marketing Pixels and Audience Triggers.


Dennis Yu, a good friend of ours and Ex Yahoo employee says it best:

“If your not using facebook marketing to collect email addresses your missing the point”.

How do you collect emails and phone numbers?
With a post of a girl on the beach quoted saying “get your life back today!”

Businesses Know What They Need.

A consumer may not know what he or she needs.

Sometimes they even think they know exactly what they want but when its right in their face can not make a decision to obtain it.

Now add the element of someone who’s mind is completely scrambled and moving at about 1000 miles per minute and social media companies fail miserably.

Best Social Media Outlets For Rehabs In Order Of Effectiveness:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • SnapChat
  • Directories
    (yes you can use directories as social media lead gen)
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Twitter DOES NOT WORK
    (if a social media company says it does RUN)