Systems Are in Need of Optimization.

About 65% of all the Substance abuse and Alcohol Abuse programs we visited are being ran from age old archaic methods.

Typically the desks are filled with compiled notes from long ago, the systems being used to compartmentalize emails and or spreadsheets are generic in nature. Companies still use spreadsheets that are not built to integrate EMR software and or multiple user integration. To be successful a treatment center needs to move at the pace of business.

There is an Alarming Knowledge Gap.

If you ask 90% of all the centers we walked into they will not be able to clearly define where actual leads are derived from.

Centers did not know what the MEDIA cost to acquisition is. Centers did not know where the actual admissions derived from even when using good CRM practices. Everyone knows that the website created X amount of calls and their Psychology today had an X% of VOBs ran, but they do not necessarily know what the VOB accepted to VOB admitted values really are!?

Netjumps Understands Rehab Marketing Strategies That Work in the Treatment Space.

Enterprise level companies are successful because they can quantify and qualify every bit of data and every factor from the floor to the ceiling. Larger successful drug treatment facilities understand the importance of organizational awareness and have adopted the use of sophisticated CRMs and Call Tracking.


In these situations we have noticed that drug treatment facilities rehab marketing strategies were lacking. Permission Sets are not provisioned efficiently, and even the proper use of vectoring systems does not apply in most cases. From an EMR standpoint they have failed to integrate KPI’s. In most cases these companies did not know that there are systems that can plug and play with their EMR software like KIPU SYSTEMS ® . These systems could save the company $100,000’s if not millions of dollars each year in manual entries and even theft or loss.

Rehab Marketing Money Sign Dissolving

Net jumps Will Skill Transfer How To Use CRM Services.

Netjumps Offers a Full Suite of Rehab Marketing Services in and Around CRM Systems and Call Tracking Services.

We have built out Robust ORGs and integration systems that utilizeCall Tracking Metrics®, SalesForce® as well as many others.

Let us be your BEST PRACTICE experts and save you time, energy, and money. We also help the usage of these platforms to make sure you are getting concise communication throughout your whole organization, from the Clinical to the admissions team, from the billing departments to the house managers everyone is on the same page.

Rehab Marketing Money Sign Dissolving

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