Throughout the years Netjumps INTL. has been in and around the digital space building lasting relationships, beta testing software and engineering concepts.
We have spent years establishing meaningful working environments, and handpicked the best practices. Here is a list of our Partners that we network with and utilize some of their valuable resources.
Netjumps INTL. is a trusted source of valuable feedback and conventional wisdom when it comes down to building out each of these platforms for niche specific needs. As you are now probably aware there are many moving parts when you delve into the Medical niche.
Due to our time in this space we know a thing or two about how to unite technology with our Treatment facility guests. Enjoy our years of expertise and find how easy Netjumps can make you finally be a player in this art of war!


As Google partners in the Drug addiction space, we recognize trends. After spending 4 years in Mountain View California, it is safe to say that we have the ability and aptitude to help our treatment facilities take their Ads , retargeting, and reverse appending of that same data to the next level. We have forged the way so you do not have to we are at every GOOGLE conference and some of our upper management has been advising the R&D departments on this space for years.


From Cloud based development to integrated CRM system software we have partnered with oracle engineers before Content Delivery Networks became monetized. We have found the solutions that make sense and Oracle is a huge resource for our clients.


We hold some of the most robust training and seminars using the NAATP modules, we coordinate with members, teach and skill transfer best practices and have become accustomed to utilizing the tools that NAATP offers. We have also been an Invaluable resource for NAATP members nation wide and hoping to see you in 2017 at the Austin convention where Sheldon Michael will be speaking to the Masses on why it is important to utilize digital resources to scale your organization.


Partnering with Facebook in the Drug rehab space increases our clients domain authority .  We have and regularly visit Facebook’s campus sharing new age philosophies to enhance the social aspects of addiction recovery and prove that addicts use social to stay clean and find good resources when they relapse or are thinking of relapsing.
Take advantage of our Facebook partnership to grow your social reach and awareness.


Naveen Gupta, founder of Birdeye and Sheldon Michael have had a deep business relationship for 5 years, Birdeye is a fundamental partner in helping Netjump’s guests take full advantage of finding reputation management awareness on a higher level. Birdeye is the exclusive in aggregation and the only platform to cross post from a social aspect.


Sheldon Michael has had a BING enrollment and Exclusive AD Specialist holding for 9 years. Sheldon advised on cloud programs to BING in the early 2000’s. Bing has become a major resource for treatment centers since 2011 when Maps took a new roll and app development integrated BING mapping systems. Take advantage of our partnership.


Sheldon Michael has years of Beta testing and has met 100s of Yahoo employees to collaborate with. A lot has changed over the years but the core values remain.

Snap Engage

We have helped many facilities recognize that online chat converts at a 27% higher rate than a standard web form or contact form. By partnering up with Snap Engage we have been able to pass on the added benefits of utilizing and placing proper chat integration. Along with best practices in regards to actively using the software we have seen sometimes 33% higher conversion with multiple touch points.


Sheldon Michael spent years perfecting PR and Branding becoming one of YEC’s youngest contributors and engaging with others like Evan Spiegel Founder of Snap Chat and many others. Sheldon has been invited to the White House and man other playing fields to perfect the contributing authorships and editorial awareness feats that people so easily miss the mark on.