The Long Lost World of Graphic Design and The New Age of Graphic Designers

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Info Graphic Produced by In-House Graphic Designers

Info Graphic Produced by Netjumps In-House Graphic Designers.

In 2015, graphic designers are being employed everywhere and are being utilized differently than ever before. Business owners and companies are downsizing in employees and are focusing on skill transferring staff in acquiring new sets of skills. Graphic designers are a dime a dozen when it comes to many business owners with the rise of ‘new age’ graphic designers that are taking over. The dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth had to adapt to the world changing until disappearing on the face of the earth. Graphic designers in 2016 and beyond should not have to disappear, but should be willing to adapt to new business ventures, learn new technology, and be up to date with the digital world.

The Graphic Designer of Young and Old
Graphic design has a strong and rich history that many professional graphic designers take for granted. The history dates all the way back to ancient times on cave wall drawings. Before the times of Photoshop and Illustrator, graphic designers had to actually use tools and rulers. The efficiency of graphic design may have changed; however, understanding and learning old methods has tremendous value. New graphic designers are tasked with having to write content while designing logos and so much more.

The New Age of Graphic Designers
Many designers have argued that graphic designers cannot be doctors nor become web designers. Today, graphic designers are being utilized differently to be cost efficient to a company. Graphic designers are now required to become video editors, web designers, app designers, and much more. The younger generation is taking it upon themselves to be a jack of all trades, learning the ropes of becoming a graphic designer while becoming video editors, web designers, and other skills that may apply.

The Future of Graphic Designers
The future of graphic design looks scarce with many technological advancements rapidly growing and many business owners having to rely on overseas assistance to acquire a cost efficient price for work. Graphic designers are resourceful and are willing to adapt. These graphic designers are now morphing into digital media strategist, full stack developers, and many other related professions.

Graphic design will eventually turn into a specialized tool used for referencing web design layouts, applied color theory in flash animation, mobile-app development, and different areas that will need graphic design. Graphic designers will need to broaden the skills and learn to adapt at all costs.

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