Netjumps International has been developing Websites in and around the Addiction space since 2006.

Sheldon Michael launched a 427,000 page directory with the help and guidance from his mentors at the Google Corporate office in Mountain View, CA. This first treatment directory now receives 45k visits daily and produces some 1000 or so valid calls a week.

Our business ideology is not and never has been about links and citations.

Each drug and alcohol treatment facility has the responsibility to pass on the knowledge and experience they have to help individuals recover from the dark world they live in and replace that with a healthy, and meaningful way of living one free from Drugs and Alcohol. It starts with the Website in most cases.

Perhaps the best way to showcase how our digital marketing studio understands Search Engines algorithms just as well as the drug treatment space is a quote from the director of Genesis Recovery:

“It took my last website company 6 months, of excruciating back and forth daily emails and calls to do ½ of what you guys did in 3 weeks, how did you hit my vision and content right on the money without any direction?”

We understand because we eat, live and breathe Substance Abuse.
This is all we do and have become experts in our design concepts and communication with the end users.