Dismaland Is Shocking the World and has Many Art Enthusiast in Amazement

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Photo Taken from: www.thisiscolossal.com – Sign of “Dismaland”

Dismaland Is Shocking the World and has Many Art Enthusiast in Amazement

The art world works in many different ways: creatively, technically and now digitally.  Artists come in all forms from web designers, photographers, bloggers, graphic designers, and practically in any field that has a skilled craft applied to it. Mr. Walt Disney himself built Disneyland dreaming of a ‘magical park’ with elaborative and imaginative machinery for families to enjoy their times together, for children to be happy on the happiest place on earth, and for adults to relive their childhood in a stress-free environment.

Creative and technical geniuses played a part in creating amazing artistry in character design and machinery that is portrayed in many Disneyland attractions. With new advancements in technology, especially in mobile phones, there is worldwide traction in how the general public receives instant information.

Banksy’s Takes Renaissance to Digital Media
Banksy is notorious for being a rebel in the street art community delivering masterpieces infused with fine art, graphic design and print, sculptures, graffiti art, photography, and many trending Instagram post from all over the world.

The world of Banksy is totally the opposite of Walt Disney, creating clever art infused mediums that any artist can relate too and can appreciate greatly. Banksy brings The Renaissance Era back with a twist in this digital age with the help of social media, bloggers, mobile application development, and mobile design. His work of art is displayed for the world to see. Many art enthusiasts can relate to Banksy in many ways and with the rise of digital media it will birth new artists in developing new methodologies whether it is in web design, photography, or so much more.

Dismaland Shocks the World!
Dismaland is an art exhibition of a dark and twisted version of Disneyland located in the UK, and is opened to the public (dates and tickets can be found here). Dismaland is a very non-elaborated but a dark imaginative ‘Bemusment Park’ that features an array of art sculptures like a distorted Little Mermaid,  twisted vertically implanted trucks, various street graffiti art,  and  the signature castle looked to be worn and filthy.

Social media and bloggers took the world by storm by posting photos of Jack Black and Nicholas Hoult attending the festivities that Dismaland had to offer. There are many featured artists around the world (USA, UK, Canada, Portugal, and many more) that put forth their time and effort for this art exhibition. This art exhibition takes a unique approach to going to a typical art museum that opens up fresh ideas and brings a new approach to how both the general public and artists view art.

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